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A Bit About Me

I am a born again Christian and have been since about 1990. My journey has been an interesting one with many pitfalls and mis-steps and my aim is to write about these with the hope that I may be of service to others. My hope is that others will come to know the Saviour that I know and love, the only reason I am alive today and my one burning passion. I am not a saint, I am not perfect but I have been well and truly saved - from death, from addiction, from hopelessness and despair.

Starting this journal I wonder why am I doing this? Surely writing about my faith is inviting disaster. Faith is a very personal thing, well to me it is anyway. However, I made a decision last week to change the direction of my writing. My novel has foundered and has languished for the past 6 years growing dusty and becoming covered in cobwebs. Its not that I don’t want to write it – the story burns within me – but in a secular setting it has no resolution.

I live in two worlds. One is the secular, the mundane, the everyday life with a job and workmates and not much of a social life. The other is my church, my church family and my burning passion for Jesus. I come alive in this context – like a flame fed with oxygen my heart sings within me. This is what is important to me.

As an aspiring writer I need the discipline of writing every day, and my intention is to keep a journal of my thoughts, stories from of my walk with Jesus, and probably some opinions (I have a few). I would prefer to try and keep denomination out of it, but you know these things have ways of creeping in. I would describe my faith as being Christian, I believe in the Trinity and that Jesus died for my sins, and my salvation is by Grace through Him.

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