I was talking with my mother the other morning and we were sharing about how, as children, we knew that God was real, and how we had come to know Him. My mother is nearly 88 and has been writing about her Christian life – its wonderful to be able to share these things.  She told me a story which I will share here.

In those days they had religious education in all schools, this was before the Second World War, and one day they had a nun come and talk to the class about Jesus. Mum was very young and listened intently about how Jesus lived and performed miracles and healed the sick. Then the nun concluded the talk by saying that the miracles and healings were what happened back then and they didn’t happen today, and that Jesus was in heaven at the right hand of God the Father.  My mother didn’t think this sounded right. Why would Jesus come and do these marvellous things and then go away? As she was walking home still pondering on this troubling news she saw a leaf. It was Autumn and the leaf she saw on the ground at her feet had all the colours in it. Greens, reds, oranges and browns. ‘A miracle!’ she thought and picked it up – full of wonder and excitement.  Rushing home to show her mother she shouted ‘A miracle! Look a miracle!’  Her mother was not so taken with the wonder of it and coolly said, ‘It’s a leaf.’  My mother was not crushed by this, quietly resolving not to share miracles with her mother again. A wise choice for one so young.

I love this story of my mother’s.  I love the childlike wonder  seeing God’s creation through the clear innocent eyes of a child. It reminds me of the wonder I have felt, and if I allow the cynicism of my adult brain to take a break, I can still feel.