No not the Book of Numbers in the Bible - but a bit of a look into my oddball mind.

I wrote a poem the other day, and am writing another. I will include both. I have an oddity regarding numbers, I remember them more than I remember people's names or faces. My memory is certainly not what it used to be however, and I can no longer repeat back long strings of numbers - a bit of a party trick I did to amuse my friends.  My brother and I would write coded letters to each other and of course have to decode the ones we received. At the height of this silliness we used the numbers that made up the Beagle Boy's numbers, the ones they wore on their chests in the comics. There were six digits made up of 2 groups of three and they only used a 1 a 7 and a 6. For example 176-176 and 716-617 etc. we substituted each one of these for a letter of the alphabet as there were enough combinations. Nice to have a brother as peculiar as I was. The poems are about my relationship with numbers and how ​entwined with God this is for me. Hard to explain, so poetry is useful.

Here are the poems:

I am Sixty Four

The claim, they do not calm
They excite me, lift me, hurl me to great heights and then fill me with peace.
No, Numbers do not numb me

The awe inspiring Fibonacci series
Close relative to the Golden Ratio - exquisite proportions

The deep mysterious quality of Pi
Factorial! (This last said loudly with an exclamation mark)
Some numbers delight with playful patterns
Others annoy with elusive secrets

What if humans had 8 digits instead of 10?
What does Pi look like now?

I see the structure
Sense the order
Numbers reflected everywhere
In this order the whorls on the thumbprints of God
Show themselves to me.
It is well with me.
I am sixty four.

And the next at the request of my writers group that I write more number poems: -

There are no accidental numbers in the Bible

From the beginning the patterns are clear
A week - 7 days
Daniel prophesies in weeks - 7 periods of time maybe 7 thousand years…
3 of course easy - Father Son and Holy Ghost
3 states of water is less obvious
In 3 days Christ rose from the dead
4 horsemen of the apocalypse
4 gospels
10 commandments
A tithe is a 10th of our earnings given to the Lord
10 Patriarchs preceded Noah
12 tribes of israel
12 disciples
It goes on
So what’s the deal with 153?
In the Gospel of John
These fish appear.
Jesus, resurrected pops up
When Peter despondent returns to his former life
Jesus gone - dead in fact,
Faith in tatters
Hoping to earn a living once more catching fish
But no fish were there
A man comes forth from nowhere (Jesus)
Try one more time on the other side
He says
And the nets were filled to bursting
So full it almost sank the boat
153 fish
17 x 9
A prime, a square
A nagging mystery